Workers’ Compensation May Not Cover Coronavirus Claims- A Survey by John Giorgi


In the USA, where the workers’ compensation law offers benefits to workers for most workplace injuries, California employers, as well as employees. May get shocked to know that it is unlikely to bring the recent COVID-19 pandemic under its wing. While other programs may help the infected employees given that they caught the virus while working. The workers’ compensation law may not provide benefits to those on the front line of the Corona outbreak, say most workers’ compensation lawyers, JOHN GIORGI.

Here’s everything you must know about the COVID-19 coverage as per John Giorgi-

What should employers do during the Corona outbreak?

The best course of action is to shut down business operations during this unprecedented time until the situation is under control. And a proper cure is available. However, if you choose to run your business despite the Corona Pandemic, you may want to follow strict rules. First, prevent the cases of COVID-19 in the first place; second, to control the spreading within your workplace so that others’ safety isn’t compromised. According to medical experts, these steps can help control the spread of COVID-19:

● Encourage employees to regularly wash their hands with soap and water for 20 seconds. And especially when they have been in a crowded place.

● Encourage them to use a hand sanitizer that contains at least 60% alcohol.

● Inform them about how the Coronavirus is spreading. Which is through coming in contact with droplets released in the air by an infectious person.

● Ask them to cover their faces, eyes, and mouth using a face mask, sunglasses, and other protective gear.

● Tell them to avoid close contact with someone who shows symptoms of Corona. Also to steer clear of public places.

● Ask them to stay at home if they show the virus symptoms.

What if your employees catch Corona at work?

John Giorgi says that if any of your employees have caught the virus or show its symptoms. The first step is to seek immediate medical help to confirm the diagnosis. Once diagnosed, ask the employee to stay in quarantine to prevent its spread. Meanwhile, you can get in touch with a worker’s compensation attorney to file a claim to offer the infected workers benefits. While the workers’ compensation law is unlikely to cover COVID-19, in rare cases where workers get the infection as a natural consequence of their job, it may cover them. Your lawyer will try every other means possible to ensure that your infected worker gets the compensation they deserve.

For your one good, you must know what is getting changed in the course of the pandemic and how it’s going to affect you.

Final note

Until the Corona pandemic is under control, California employers and employees should take every step possible to prevent the spread, even if it requires temporary shutting down of business operations. John Giorgi says that if your worker has got the virus, consider getting in touch with a workers’ comp lawyer to fight for the compensation.