Who is Authorized to Introduce Bills in the U.S.A? A Study By John Giorgi

John Giorgi

The introduction of bills is the first step towards the enacted of a new law. This fact is enough in itself to say that this is crucial work and hence must be handling sincerely. Everyone knows that Congress of the United States combines two houses- The Senate and The House of Representatives. Both these houses play an equal role in the enactment of new laws in the states. The authority to introduce bills in U.S. congress lies with the House of Representatives. Now, in this article, John Giorgi will talk about how this procedure takes place and who are the important people in the process.

John Giorgi on the authorities involved in this process-

As mentioning earlier, introducing a bill is undertaken by both the members of the Senate and the house of representatives. The composition of the body of members involving in this process are given below-

The Senate

  • Members are called Senators
  • There are a total of 100 senators
  • Two senators represent each state
  • The term of office of a senator is six years
  • The minimum age required to become a member of the Senate is 30 years
  • The Senate is head by the current Vice President of the United States. For instance, Ms. Kamala Harris is the head of the Senate.

The House of Representatives

  • The working members of the House of Representatives are calling Representatives
  • There are a total of 450 representatives
  • The number of representatives from a state is directly proportional to the population of that particular state.
  • Six states are part of The House of Representatives but do not hold the power to vote. These are- The Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, the District of Columbia, and four more.
  • The House of Representatives is heading by a member electing from the representatives and by the representatives. He or she is knowingly the speaker of the house. He has several notable powers with him.
  • The minimum age required to become a member of the House of Representatives is 25 years.

The power to enact a bill is vesting with both the houses by the authority of Article 1 of the Constitution of the U.S.A. A bill can idealize or prepared by anyone. Now by anyone, John Giorgi means anyone who is prudent enough to understand the consequences and repercussions of his actions and thinks reasonably. He can be anyone, including a common citizen, a legal representative, etc.

However, the bill can be introducing only by one of the members of that particular house. Now, keeping in mind the political strata of the united states, each bill, when introduced in Congress, is subject to various forms of altercations and negotiations between the ruling and the opposition. Therefore, you might observe that most of the time, the bill then becomes an act that is drastically changing. But the soul remains the same.


Concludingly, it can be that the constitution of the U.S. assigning this important power only to the most important portfolios of the country. Therefore, they must undertake it well.