The inevitable future of the healthcare industry led by COVID-19 – John Giorgi

John Giorgi

John Giorgi explains a coronavirus-like pandemic may occur once in a century. Still, these occurrences teach a few lessons to the healthcare industry to prepare and save future crises. The healthcare leaders believe that the industry is up for a couple of permanent changes to protect the new generations from their effects. One of them involves inventory management, for instance. The sudden rise of coronavirus cases disrupted the supply of personal protective equipment (PPE) because hospitals across some American states source them from foreign markets based on the requirements. After facing tremendous shortages and how things became worse, people in the healthcare industry realize that such dependencies need to reduce.

According to John Giorgi, the 2020 virus outbreak is a hint for humankind that another pandemic may not have to take 100 years to happen. That’s why it is more necessary than ever to prepare for them from now only. Here is a quick look into a few things that will likely become an integral part of this sector.

John Giorgi: Healthcare industry transformation as driven by the pandemic


Nobody had the rulebook to follow when the coronavirus crisis hit the globe. Health workers and leaders played along the way. Hence, it emphasizes the need for preparedness. In handling future situations, the experts believe that factual data circulation would be one of the priorities. The false narratives on the disease spread through social media and other platforms were also a cause of concern and disruption. It highlighted the need to educate the public and policymakers about such events through communicating the correct information.


John Giorgi brings attention to embracing telemedicine. Even during the post-pandemic period, this will stay effective. The suitable facility design and planning will come forth in this direction. Patients don’t visit waiting rooms. So the available space in clinics and hospitals will transform to make better use of it.


From the beginning, there has been an immense emphasis on vaccines’ role in helping people return to normalcy. Within a year, modern science and technology have created them. Still, there is some hesitancy among people about this. However, experts feel that this will be there, and some parts of the population will not take them. But there has been a little wave of change in the mindset as vaccinated people share their stories and experiences. On the production front, these are only going to be more than the supply.

The one year of the pandemic has affected millions of lives across the continents. People had to hole up in their houses, and many could not even meet their loved ones. While trying to ensure that no one has to suffer this fate, the healthcare industry is preparing to transform and adapt itself to counter any future crisis, which one cannot predict when will occur. However, learning from this situation can be the foundation and motivation to create proper infrastructures. The introduction of more viable systems and policies can play a critical role while ensuring that everyone gets the correct information.