The future of AI in the post-pandemic era by John Giorgi

John Giorgi

Artificial Intelligence (AI) can still be in its early stage despite being around for five to six years in the digital space. Nevertheless, its role in the initial months of coronavirus and even after a year is impossible to disregard. It has been a savior for many e-commerce and restaurant businesses. Besides, the healthcare industry also used it to scale and speed up. You can find its footprint everywhere more than ever. All these may make you curious about what AI will attract in 2021. If you trust experts, it can be one of the most attractive areas for organizations to invest and utilize.John Giorgi says Let’s explore expectations around this avant-garde technology.

John Giorgi: AI role in 2021 in the post-pandemic era

AI/ ML models

Different industries will combine artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities to create advanced applications for their business processes and operations. It will give them deeper insights to help serve their customers even better. According to John Giorgi, consumer companies will rely on this more.To attract higher traffic and data collection than any B2B businesses.

Targeted AI applications

The way AI has emerged during the pandemic is remarkable. Due to this, experts think that many industries will adopt and invest in AI more than before. They will try to merge data science and AI for more targeted results.Overcoming skill challenges and dependency on the data scientists.

A merger of AI and human EQ

AI had proved its capability by achieving faster and productive results.Even during the most challenging times when the entire system was in coronavirus throes. That’s why businesses would try to make it more potent by combining it with human EQ. The combination of creativity and intelligence will enhance the processes. However, it doesn’t necessarily mean replacing human ingenuity with machine learning. AI as a technology can enable companies to attain their goals faster and streamline consumer demands, adds John Giorgi.

Adoption of AI tools

As time progresses, organizations can realize that their focus has to be on extracting the core value from machine learning through its competency. And they should not spend their time and energy building them. So, there will be a shift in this respect also.

Legal risks with AI

You can witness rising cases of legal actions against artificial intelligence applications. Although many instances already made their appearance in the last couple of years.The extensive use of AI in general lives will likely attract more attention to its errors that can impact humans. And when it happens, customers will file complaints and lawsuits.

In essence, the pandemic has made it urgent for businesses to transform themselves to be exceptionally flexible, efficient, and visible. They need to be at the peak of their operations. With the adoption of AI solutions, it can be possible to solve all the concerns as you access advanced data and machine vision. To be precise, 2021 will see companies using intelligent tools. And data analytics more than ever for deeper insights to unlock large-scale changes.