Smart ideas from John Giorgi for small businesses to launch effective marketing campaigns

John Giorgi

Regardless of its size and type, every business needs to implement some marketing strategies for its survival. Right from the mega-corporations that spread across the continents to the small local businesses. Marketing is vital for everyone, says John Giorgi. However, small businesses are often unable to give due importance to marketing for several reasons. Mainly because of their small budget and lack of resources. Moreover, small business owners are always busy as they have many things to do single-handedly. 

But still, small business owners must think about implement some marketing strategies. Because there are ways to create marketing strategies that suit the budget and needs of small businesses.

Learn from competitors

 Instead of innovating ways of marketing your small business, learn from what your competitors are doing. Find out their ways of attracting customers by understanding what works and does not work for them.  Doing good competitor research for similar businesses will help to identify the factors. To focus on driving your marketing campaign in the right direction. Moreover, you must introduce yourself to other business owners to become a part of the community. Online research might be necessary if your business has an online presence. Record your findings to show your areas of strengths and weakness as compared to your competitors.

Take your business online

John Giorgi building a strong online presence is a must for businesses to survive today. Despite having local interests for your small business, having an online presence will help gain more visibility. And drive more customers to your business when searching for some items available close by. Since customers rely more on mobile searches before making purchases. To find products and decide about buying, your online presence will help to reach out. To the largest section of customers, both existing and potential. Since 78% of local mobile searches lead to conversions that culminate in purchases. Your business benefits a lot from its online presence.

Get press coverage

Taking advantage of the local press for spreading the word. About your business takes off the load from doing the marketing all by yourself. Build relationships with the media outlets in your area that would be eager to cover local news. Share your story with several media outlets that allow you to create a heart-touching narrative about your business’s mission. Use high-quality visuals to supplement the great story. Interacting with reporters to highlight your sample products helps to gain more mileage from your efforts.

Turn your customers into brand advocates

Another way to reduce your marketing load but increase its effectiveness is to involve customers by gaining their trust to turn into your brand advocates. Target some of your best customers who you can use as brand advocates. When word of mouth about your brand starts spreading. It has a high impact on others, almost 10 times more than traditional advertising and marketing.

Use your online presence to interact closely with customers by launching an email marketing campaign. That requires minimal effort and cost but assures high returns.