John Giorgi throws light on the use of technology during the pandemic

John Giorgi

John Giorgi explains with the increasing cases of the covid-19 pandemic, the government is taking initiatives. It makes use of technological solutions to monitor the spread of the virus, thereby control it. With the help of technology, medical centers reinforce doctors’ hard work, thereby minimizing the burden on the health care system. Although, the use of advanced technology cannot replace measures taken by public institutions, yet, they play a critical role in cases of emergency.

John Giorgi elucidates the use of technology to combat the virus

Some applications provide vital information regarding the precautions that you should take to combat the virus’s outspread.

The formulation of telemedicine

Since people cannot afford to visit clinics due to fear of contracting the virus, telemedicine is gaining significance. Telemedicine services encompass the care of patients remotely in the absence of doctor visits. It does not require the patient to physically visit the doctor as it is long-distance care by the health care providers. Virtual clinics such as telemedicine use innovative technology, such as smartphones or computers, to treat the patients.

Measures by the scientists

Scientists are making use of Smart Technology to experiment with the genes and develop a vaccination for the cure of covid-19. With the advancement of 3D printing, it is easier to produce face covers, filters to ease breathing, and ventilators for the patients. Automated technology such as artificial intelligence is embraced to monitor the virus and prevent its outspread. It also helps people manage payments, endorse the supply of medicines and drugs, and impose restrictions during such trying times, thereby improving health care.

Smart-medical care for patients

Health Care experts are using IoT, also known as the internet of things, while treating patients. Services, such as ambulance, radiology of patients, and other medical facilities are bieng use by medical centers worldwide. The pandemic has brought about advancement in technology to enable the world to fight the virus, says John Giorgi. Engineers have invented new applications to carry out activities, such as diagnosing illness, sanitizing places, pre-screening, and minimizing infections.

Minimizing in-home infections through smart-devices

Many medical firms invent smart thermometers to diagnose the temperature of patients instantly. Some engineers have developed wristbands to curb the contagion of COVID 19. Other smart- devices include speakers, electronic appliances, and security systems that enable individuals to carry out daily errands with minimal contact. Since the outspread of the coronavirus restricts touching of surfaces, these gadgets reduce the spread of germs.

Real-time analytics

To track the number of cases, health care experts tap into Analytics, enabling them to make medical decisions. Technology has also accelerated the distribution of medicines to the market, reducing the additional costs of trial and error, according to John Giorgi. Clinical development systems use cognitive computing and the internet of things to quicken the supply of drugs.

Mobile applications to limit the spread of the virus

Several mobile applications have been invented to provide virtual counseling sessions and in-home testing. It also includes self-health checkups and stress monitoring, thereby helping people to improve their overall well-being.

Some people use applications to track the number of cases and acquire guidelines to curb its contagion. It provides some guidelines regarding hygiene practices, cleaning, sanitizing, and social distancing.