John Giorgi suggests tips to stay fit during COVID-19

John Giorgi

John Giorgi shares as many facilities are reopening after lockdown across the world, people are now coming out of their houses.When exposed to the new normal,you may want to go to spas and beauty parlors for some grooming. People are rushing to get self-care appointments. With social distancing norms and self-isolation regulations worldwide, people hardly found time to take care of themselves. Hence, after the lockdown, people have started to take care of their overall appearance.

When taking care of routine maintenance, people are willing to go for some beauty treatments. You have to get in touch with your stylist to get hold of the recent trend. Also, you must wonder how to stay safe during a manicure, haircut, or waxing. As staff members wear gloves and a mask, it reduces the risk of contemplating the virus. Keep in mind that the beauty parlor or the salon focuses on safety precautions to keep visitors safe.

John Giorgi throws light on specific areas for you to understand safety guidelines when you visit a salon

Keep these guidelines in mind to stay safe

Check for regulations in your local area:

Local safety precautions and measures adopted by the spas and salons may help mitigate the chance of contracting the virus. In some places, you may avail of specific services like facial, waxing, and beauty treatments. Moreover, facilities like steam rooms and baths might stay closed even now. Keep in mind that the amenities that you use get disinfected before the process starts.

•Stick to safety rules:

The availability of treatment must reflect how essential it is for you and others to stick to guidelines. Since you will be exposing yourself to the outer world, take steps to ensure safety precautions. Keep in mind the duration of the treatment and the distance you have to transit before reaching that area. Try to limit the length of the appointments, and also cut down on the frequency. According to John Giorgi, maintaining at least six feet distance from another person in the spas and salons is imperative. Keep in mind that the risk increases if the person who is, providing you with services does not use a face mask. In such a scenario, abstain from taking facials, threading, and other professional makeup services from them.

Book an appointment:

It comes without saying that, by booking an appointment, you may cut down on your valuable time. Moreover, various spas and salons are not taking walk-in clients and may turn you away. Hence, you need an appointment for a massage therapist and other spa facilities. Booking an appointment is both necessary and useful. It helps you get the services on time without any delay.

In addition to this, reviewing the business guidelines by checking their websites is a must. It makes the process seamless and safer and also reduces inconvenience.

Give careful attention to the salon’s safety precautions so that you can ensure your safety. Ask them about health screening facilities and temperature checks. It is also essential to carry a disinfectant spray and hand sanitizer when you visit these places. Always remember that if you have a well-fitted mask, it reduces your risk of contemplating the disease.