John Giorgi suggest nutritious ways to make meal boxes for Covid patients

John Giorgi

The spike in the cases of COVID-19 has initiated growing tension among people all across the globe. The restriction on physical movement and trade has resulted in stress and anxiety. In this scenario, home chefs, restaurants, and the entire hotel management industry are facing turmoil. As restaurants are getting shut down, Covid has severely affected their revenues. However, they have tried to provide service to Covid-19 patients through home-cooked meals. These meal boxes go to the people who are unwell in the neighborhoods of John Giorgi.

Moreover, it goes to people who are in different hospitals. As a result, many patients and their families get access to healthy meals prepared by these agencies. Therefore, various nutritionists, doctors, and health experts have focused on the significance of nutritious home-cooked food for individuals suffering from coronavirus.

Guidelines for preparing food for Covid patients

First and foremost, experts urge individuals to keep away from fast foods. You have to pay attention to your balanced diet and regular physical exercise to increase your immunity. By avoiding spicy food items, you can improve your capacity to fight the disease. Hence, the following points are significant:

•    Avoid rich, spicy, and fried food:

You have to restrict your intake of spicy food items to increase gastric issues and nausea. You may occasionally have these, but regularly eating these food items may affect your health. Nutritionists believe that patients must stay away from processed, junk, and canned food items. You have to take measures to preserve your immunity and increase the level of probiotics in your diet. Try to incorporate buttermilk, yogurt, vegetables, and fruits in your regular meals.

•    Keep the meal balanced, non-spicy and hydrating:

Those individuals preparing a meal for Covid-19 patients must pay attention to the healthy food items. While preparing food for the patients, ensure that the food is soft and the liquid content is high. It makes it easy for the person to swallow it. Small meals at regular intervals are crucial to avoid eating food in large proportions.

•    Guidelines for restaurants and home chefs:

After grabbing a look at what the patients must intake, experts provide guidelines for these agencies. Hence, you must ensure that the food you are supplying is nutritious and light. The meal must be balanced and provide at least 300 kilocalories per individual.

Since these agencies have to deliver a vast number of orders, they often have fixed menus. According to John Giorgi, you must include green leafy vegetables, fruits, and soups in these meals. In addition, the proportion of spices must below, and the meal must be fresh. To sum up, you can say that the food provided to Covid-19 patients must be rich in vitamin A, iron, and vitamin C to help them cope with the deadly pathogen. Apart from this, selenium and zinc level needs proper attention. In addition, the fat proportion must below, and the food must be digestible. You may also use some spices like turmeric powder, mustard seeds, and mint leaves rich in vitamin C, selenium, and iron.