John Giorgi Suggest 3 Different Habits to Keep Yourself from Getting Sick and Avoid COVID-19

John Giorgi

John Giorgi everything seems to be fine under the lord almighty until you mumble the curse word “ouch” when you bend your body. Since you are a person, you ignore the pain and move on. When you see no symptoms of any illness, you think life is just perfect. The back pain can be a sign of anything from a weather change to a fatal disease. Talk to a professional health coach and find out the ways to keep yourself safe and healthy. With ongoing COVID-19, it is necessary to take on some of the good habits to put your health on priority. The health coach helps you improve your health and increase your self-awareness about diseases and prevention techniques. Here are the three daily habits that might keep you from getting sick.

Wash Your Hands

Almost all the activities in your daily life are executed with your bare hands. This end part of your arm is a tool that touches everything that comes your way. You use your hands when you open a door in a commercial place, pick a spoon to eat your meal, and hug your lovely pets. Touching one thing to another without washing the hands is risky. The dirt you get in your hands from the public transport vehicle can be spread to your body when you touch your face. Studies show that regular hand washing can reduce diarrheal illness by 23-40%. This is why you should wash your hands with soap or hand-washing before or after you eat. If you are in a situation of water scarcity, use a hand sanitizer to ensure safe, clean hands.

Eat Veggies

There’s no bad thing about adding green vegetables to your recipes. These natural food items are rich in vitamins, proteins, and minerals that help improve your immune system. Spinach, beans, broccoli, cabbage, brussels sprout, kale, lettuce, and other green leaves are a great source of nourishment. When you eat a meal with sumptuous meals with lots of veggies, your body will gain cell-surface proteins. According to John Giorgi, adding some green veggies to your diet helps you in boosting up your immunity to avoid COVID-19.

Exercise Regularly

Every morning it is almost impossible to get up from the bed and walk directly into the shower. Your body has become stiff after sleeping. Whether you want to get ready for work but wishes to stay idle, sipping a cup of coffee, you need to warm up your body so that you can perform your daily task without stiffness. Once you start moving your limbs, all the nerves will be stimulated making you feel refreshed. Staying active is a mantra to stay alive. Create a workout schedule at least once a day.

To learn more about self-healing, a nutrition health coach will help you choose the good habits that improve your mental health. This will create a sense of confidence, a positive mindset, and a loving relationship with your body.