John Giorgi shows the interrelation between the healthcare industry and Covid-19

John Giorgi

The impact of Covid-19 has created havoc in healthcare systems and wider society. It has also established heightened digitization in the field of medical science. It comes without saying that COVID-19 continues to affect millions worldwide.John Giorgi says various renowned scientific journals all across the world have reported the viral outbreak. It has created millions of individuals and is now an underestimated adversary all across the globe. Only massive vaccination will help in rectifying the situation and controlling the spread of the virus.

Amid Covid-19, patients are not receiving their desired standard of routine healthcare. Medical surveys reveal that there is a drop off in the screening of various diseases and their referrals. It has severe implications for the patients shortly. Covid-19 has turned societies, economies, and healthcare systems upside down. The rapid deployment of forces stays dedicated to curtailing the virus and managing patients across the world.

John Giorgi explains how Covid-19 impacts people and healthcare

Covid-19 has undoubtedly created medical collateral damages. Patients who suffer from chronic illnesses are at higher risks than ever before. They are experiencing worse outcomes as they get infected with this virus. On the other hand, the tightened hygiene results in the cancellation of routine appointments for this patient group.

Restricted access to hospitals and specialists due to strict admission criteria and fewer personal contacts has created difficulties. Shortly, it will lead to increased mortality and morbidity. For those patients who are suffering from cancer, there is an increased risk of contemplating this virus. Any delay of appointments with physicians for safety reasons may have detrimental effects on their health. Along with this, the burden of isolation and fear also plays a role in increasing psychological morbidity.

Recent surveys reveal similar situations from the past. The reports warn people that you must understand the complexity of the problem and thereby embrace social distancing norms. In addition to this, international authorities are cautious about the lower number of patients coming to the clinics with heart attacks or strokes. Patients are refraining from going to the hospital because of fear of the infection.

Research and evaluation

There has been widespread research in the field of medical science about this virus. People think that the primary reason for the decline in the spread of the virus is digital technology. Digital applications may complement the efforts to limit Covid-19. Hence, according to John Giorgi, there is an Inter-relation between digitization and capacity building. Digital solutions used in healthcare systems have fostered new regulations.

Telemedical consultations, remote monitoring, and applications for staying in contact with doctors have become increasingly popular amid pandemics. The various applications which are available on the digital platform have enabled patients to go for self-assessment in the field of medical science.

When looking beyond the present situation, restructuring and evaluating the way people think about patients are essential. Evidence reveals that digital solutions are imperative for healthcare systems. It helps in accessing existing capacities and minimizing the consequences of Covid-19.