John Giorgi shares ways in which entrepreneurs can bring innovation to work

John Giorgi

Becoming an entrepreneur is both rewarding and challenging! Entrepreneurs need to find ways for better business development and also execution. The market today is dynamic and highly competitive. Every day new market players are entering the market, aiming to make it big. Hence, both start-up and established entrepreneurs must seek innovative ways of getting work done. Innovation at work and business will help entrepreneurs to stay ahead of their competitors and other market players. It will help them to position their brand distinctively and create better branding. Most entrepreneurs think that the process of innovation has to complex! Innovation means to think differently and bring in a difference in the regular way of working. John Giorgi shares few simple ways in which entrepreneurs can bring in innovation at work.

1. Enhancing employee skills

Are your employees implementing their skills optimally? Entrepreneurs need to stay aware of this! For example, is your marketing executive making the correct use of their marketing skills while marketing a product? Is there a way in which they can work better and also create an enhanced marketing pitch? Entrepreneurs need to delve deep into these questions. Planning a one-to-one meeting with your employees will reveal whether they are delivering their best at work or not. At times, your employee might need some hand-holding or training. It is essential to arrange for an in-house training course for employees. You can also think about online training courses that will help your employees’ manifold.

2. Product and service enhancement

John Giorgi¬†entrepreneurs are happy if their products and also services are doing well in the market. However, when you plan to think from an innovative mindset, you need to consider if there are ways in which you can better your service or product! For example, is there a way to enhance the product packaging without shelling out excess money? Will that make your customers happy? Can you improve the delivery speed of your existing service? It is essential to think about these questions so that you can keep your customers happy. It is also necessary to stay tuned in to your target customer’s requirements when planning to bring in creative challenges.

3. Identifying possible business opportunities

The market is always changing and is getting impacted by the socio-economic changes. For instance, the market pre and also post the pandemic is drastically different. Is it possible to sell new products and concepts in this market? The answer might be both yes and no. People are gradually making more buying decisions based on their needs. Impulse buying is yet to catch up. Entrepreneurs need to stay tuned to the customer’s voice. Hence, it’s innovative to create a hashtag in social media to share their queries and views about your product and brand. You can tune into this and also use it for your forthcoming product launch and business developments.

Entrepreneurs should never get complacent about the way they are conducting business. They need to realize that there is a better way of doing business. It will help them to bring on innovation daily at work and create a better brand story.