John Giorgi Shares Tips on How to Start a Business during the Global Outbreak

John Giorgi

JOHN GIORGI with the worldwide recession looking more likely, several businesses are looking forward to weathering this storm. Yet, in the case of an innovative entrepreneur, this will be the most suitable time to begin a business of their own and consider becoming their boss. 

Effective Tips to Start a Business during the Pandemic 

According to John Giorgi, below are some effective tips on how to start a business during the COVID-19 pandemic, 

  • Consider what Consumers Need at the Moment- There has been a change in consumer habits during the ongoing outbreak. Hence, an entrepreneur needs to consider how his offerings will fit their customers’ current lifestyle.
  • Create a Strong Digital Marketing Strategy- An effective marketing strategy will help bolster one’s new business during this uncertain time. Staying true to their online brand and transparent communication are the two best ways to develop customer loyalty, especially in the outbreak and beyond. The COVID-19 crisis has made marketing more difficult as most normal avenues currently are not feasible. 
  • Develop a Recession-Proof Business Plan- To adapt one’s business to the present climate is critical. This entails focusing on expenses that an entrepreneur can curtail to prevent overspending. It is advisable to bootstrap the business. An entrepreneur must reap the perks of different government, state, and local assistance currently available. They must carefully review every supplier and vendor agreement and also negotiate payment terms for extending cash flow.
  • Connect through Social Media- This platform is an excellent means to get new customers and share updates with current customers.
  • Stay Positive and Be Flexible- For an entrepreneur, his key to success will be adaptability. He needs to develop a plan yet be flexible during the change. An entrepreneur above all should stay positive. Although introducing a startup during these challenging times has challenges, but it is not impossible. If an entrepreneur has the drive, he should not wait for another second. There are innumerable resources at their fingertips, such as books, articles, online seminars, and YouTube.

Follow these tips sincerely and get started with your business plan during the global outbreak.