John Giorgi Shares Productivity Tips that Small Business Should Follow during the Pandemic

John Giorgi

John Giorg owing to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, work from home and remote working are the latest trends. Thus, catering to one’s customers and suppliers’ new needs may have them alter their entire business process. Again, there may be a reduction in staff, and they may spread thin. Yet during times of stability or change, a business can stay successful by maximizing its workday’s efficiency. By trusting their talent coupled with following the below-mentioned tips. An entrepreneur can make sure that employees’ productivity remains high, be it under any circumstances.

Tips to Maximize Productivity of Small Businesses

  • Make the Most of Collaboration and Communication Tools- Communication was never this important. During the times of John Giorgi remote work and reduced physical interaction, sending emails now and then will not suffice. Teams need to coordinate across different applications, be it in the case of an easy project too.
  • Accomplish Realistic Goals with Accountability- Transparency is essential for any business that does not have a physical office. Productivity is a measure of time that is well spent. First and foremost is to make sure that employees are putting in the needed work hours.
  • Favorable Working Conditions- Facebook and Google spend enough to provide outstanding workspaces. As they believe John Giorgi that happiness is a key to employee performance. Small adjustments possess an outsize effect. This can include increasing the temperature by a few degrees, throw a small pizza party, distribute lunch vouchers to employees, or arrange a video call to eat lunch together.
  • Curtail Time-Wasting Activities- To increase output, an entrepreneur and his employees should focus. Each hour spent on his business should count, yet even an engaged and passionate worker will allow his mind to wander and invest that extra few minutes on the social media platform. To stay productive, one needs to reduce opportunities for any unnecessary diversion. It is best to delete any phone applications distracting or mute the same during work hours. One should also turn off the notifications on the phone or keep the phone in the drawer. Most importantly, according to John Giorgi, an entrepreneur must assure his employees that they must guide their minds gently back to work when they get distracted.

Apart from these, the other productivity tools include automating as many tasks. As possible, creating an organized and efficient workflow, and the entrepreneur should learn from his team.