John Giorgi Shares Mistakes Individuals Should Avoid When Receiving Benefits Under Unemployment Law

John Giorgi

Unemployment insurance benefits prove extremely useful for individuals without a job. Such benefits help individuals sail through a difficult phase in their lives, which otherwise could have been very hard to cope with. Each state has its own rules and regulations that you, as an unemployed individual, have to follow. There are employment law support services in Florida that can guide you and help you receive employment insurance benefits, John Giorgi.

Here are a few things you must know about the Unemployment Law you can take advantage of, according to John Giorgi

But once you start receiving those benefits, you need to follow some rules. Failing to abide by them can put you in some legal trouble. Let’s take a look at some of the common mistakes that people make with unemployment insurance benefits.

People make the grave mistake of not informing authorities about the income they’re getting from temporary. Or part-time work while they are still on the lookout for a full-time job. It is essential for individuals receiving benefits to report their weekly gross wages and validate their claim for benefits. You could be prosecuted if you avail more unemployment benefits than you’re legally eligible for because you tried to hide your earnings from the authority.

Many people keep the information about their newfound job from the authorities. They try to be clever as they wait to inform the authorities about returning to work until they get their first paycheck. If you do not want to land in big trouble, the best thing is to inform the authorities as soon as you get the job. To know in detail, you must get in touch with experts who understand these things at an elementary level. And will help you understand them too.

You should not claim benefits and then sit and relax at home. Many people do this as they do not actively search for jobs in the week, they file a claim for benefits. You could be barred from getting the benefits if you chose to sit idle and not look for work. According to John Giorgi, you must consult a professional before making any decision on your own.

If you want to continue to get benefits, you must keep the authorities informed about your willingness. And availability for new jobs. You do not want complications later that could affect your eligibility for benefits. Complications include not being available for work due to certain classes or child care. Situations such as these can impede you from becoming available for work. If there are such situations in your case, make sure you include them in your claim forms.


You can seek help from employment law support services. They can properly help you with unemployment claims and inform you about all the rules. And regulations that you need to follow to avoid legal troubles later. John Giorgisuggests looking for experts dealing in law who can help with all the concerns. As well as legal processes so you can enjoy the accessible benefits.