How do people use artificial intelligence technology to mitigate coronavirus?

John Giorgi

John Giorgi explains with the increasing number of Covid-19 cases worldwide, the healthcare system is also undergoing farsighted changes. It has provided a blow to the health management scenario in recent times. The initial challenges encompass identifying Covid-19 patients and thereby diagnosing the disease. On the other hand, AI or artificial intelligence has rendered health care professionals and governing authorities with viable solutions. Artificial intelligence uses technologies of powerful algorithms, which thereby processes the data to control the spread. Hence, it plays a significant role in identifying the pattern of the disease. The success of artificial intelligence requires extensive data and proper analysis.

John Giorgi explains the importance of x-rays during a crisis

All across the world, PCR or polymerase chain reaction is a time-consuming and expensive affair. Chest X-Rays are a standard procedure used all around the globe for diagnosing Covid-19. However, simple chest x-rays may not distinguish the disease as well as the extent of the infection.

Artificial intelligence, in combination with chest X-rays, plays a crucial role in identifying the abnormalities. It helps in diagnosing the ground glass opacities developing in the lungs. These are the classic features of Covid-19 disease. Various companies in medical science are using the amalgamation of chest x-ray and AI for diagnosing Covid-19. The amalgamation helps recognize the extent of the infection, which affects the lung and thereby provides reliable input.

Artificial intelligence in tracing contacts

The recent past has seen the development of contact-based applications. It helps in tracking Covid-19 individuals. The application works with the help of Bluetooth. The use of contact tracing apps, and drones, has helped government authorities to manage Covid-19 cases. With the location data and Bluetooth, you may gain insight into any suspected Covid-9 individual nearby. Moreover, the application is available in various languages for the convenience of users.

Moreover, the Police Department has developed actions for installing software tools in their CCTV cameras. It is for identifying mask violators. After the identification, it sends a notification to the headquarters, which turns the update to higher authorities. This AI model has helped the police identify individuals who are not strict about safety guidelines and thereby take stringent measures against them.

Artificial intelligence has also played a crucial role in the field of healthcare services. Medical practitioners are developing a model, which can repurpose medicines according to the success rates.

According to John Giorgi, AI has proved effective in teleconsultation and Tele medicines. Also, healthcare experts are making use of online consultation procedures for reaching out to their patients. Hence, AI or artificial intelligence has various benefits associated with it when it comes to combating COVID-19. It requires further evaluation for reaching conclusions.

The development of a machine known as “Robo Sapien” plays a crucial role in tackling the virus’s spread. It ionizes the Corona discharge and thereby limits its expanse. It is a contribution of artificial intelligence in the field of medical science and it was successful in many places.