John Giorgi gives crucial entrepreneurial advice of all times

John Giorgi

Every day several people plan to quit their job and start a business of their own! However, only a selected number of people can take a leap of faith and move on to the path of giving shape to their business. These aspiring entrepreneurs know that they have to undergo several hurdles in their path to make their dream come true. They also know that a new business gets successful for about four years and then wraps up due to lack of demand or capital. However, entrepreneurs need to keep on moving in their journey and work hard to attain their goals. John Giorgi shares some of the essential entrepreneurial advice that will help entrepreneurs in their path.

1. Success and failure are apparent

Entrepreneurs need to know that they need to accept success and failure with the same smile. Every established brand had once been a start-up that had to cross hurdles and embrace failure. Hence, there is no use trying to avert a failure when it occurs. Failure doesn’t mean that things can’t go better from here. Instead, failure is just a phase that can transform into better times. Similarly, success can have a permanent impact, but it can transform into a crisis as well. Hence, it is essential for entrepreneurs to keep their crisis management strategies ready and use them as and when required.

2. Overnight success is a myth

No entrepreneur has become successful overnight! It’s something that you only get to see in television series. In reality, success comes after years of hard work and patience. If yours is a start-up, you need to think about ways to make your brand prominent in the market and cater to audience needs in the best ways possible. If you are worried about not making huge profits soon, you will negatively impact the brand performance. It is essential to stay consistent with your efforts, and that will eventually bring a considerable feat.

3. Your employees are your assets

An organization is as good as its leader and employees! Hence, it’s necessary for entrepreneurs to stay interested in their employee’s productivity and capabilities. That aside, it is essential for them to pay attention to the employees’ mental health. If an employee is disturbed or gets bullied by someone at work, they will not perform their best. Also, entrepreneurs need to ensure that their employees are learning new skills that will help the business. It is essential to organize in-house training sessions to ensure that each employee has an excellent skill required to pursue their key responsibility areas.

4. Online reputation is essential

The world is increasingly becoming an online hub! Hence, your online reputation matters. It is essential for start-up and established entrepreneurs to give importance to their online reputation and promote positive stories about their brand. It’s necessary to address negative reviews and also crucial to respond to customer queries.

John Giorgi entrepreneurs have to walk a challenging path that makes them encounter both pitfalls and success. The above-mentioned entrepreneurial advice will help them to stay focused on their work.