John Giorgi cites the reasons for small businesses to embrace mobile payments

John Giorgi

To get a cutting edge in competition, small business owners. Must think creatively and even out of the box to maximize the gains from customer interactions and engagement. Since it is easy for small business owners to merge their image with that of the brand. So that people can see the face behind the brand, it is easier to gain customers’ trust and confidence. When customers show their interest in the brand, business owners must ensure that they enjoy the best experience while shopping. Which brings them closer to the business and brand and even turns them loyal, observes John Giorgi.

Transiting from card payment to mobile payments

The evolution of the payment system that saw the introduction of credit and debit cards completely changed. The shopping experience by making it more convenient to make cashless payments.  The advancement of technology has now presented with even more convenient payment options. By using smartphones, and small business owners must leverage them for marketing gains and business growth. People are already using smartphones for their daily tasks, which includes payments for goods and services.  Small businesses can attract more customers by allowing them to use the phone for making payments. In a contactless manner, which is more convenient.

How small businesses can benefit by adopting mobile payment will become apparent on reading this article.

More convenience for customers

Contactless payments are speedier, more convenient, and an easy way to gain customers’ confidence by proving how much you care for them. Speeding up the process of checking out improves customer experience. It is more convenient for customers to have multiple payment options within the phone without carrying cards. And cash because all payment systems are available on the phone itself.

More secure payments

As contactless payments are gaining popularity and seem to a necessity during the Covid19 pandemic that is likely to become the chosen payment method in the future, mobile payment providers are enhancing the security of the systems. Using any mobile wallet ensures a more secure transaction than cards. Mobile payment systems link all cards and bank accounts of users, which remain camouflaged during transactions, thereby providing more security. No one would know the card numbers or bank account numbers.  

Cost-saving and easy bookkeeping

John Giorgi says every business must have an accounting system to facilitate invoicing, bill payments, and share the accountant data. Introducing mobile payments will simplify the process of gathering data from various processes and make bookkeeping much easier. Moreover, it can help achieve better cash flow. Since mobile payments do not involve banks, small businesses. Can save bank charges for transactions done using mobile wallets and do away with the overhead costs as the payment method does not include people or requires any infrastructure.

Superior customer experience

People have shown their willingness to embrace mobile payments for purchasing from groceries to clothing and everything else.  Customers are too happy with the simplified but secure payment method. By using smartphones that provide them superior shopping experience and complete peace of mind.

Going by the trend, mobile payment is here to stay and could be the most preferred payment method in the future.