Innovative small business marketing ideas from John Giorgi

John Giorgi

Small business marketing often seems a daunting task because lack of funds becomes a constraint for implementing marketing ideas. But according to John Giorgi, implementing many marketing ideas does not always require lots of money. To market your small business effectively. Start thinking differently about engaging with customers, which is at the core of any marketing activity. How good you are in maintaining public relations is another factor that increases your marketing efforts’ effectiveness. Think out of the box to identify affordable ways of marketing the small business. That can be quite effective and also help you in achieving your business goals.

Get personal

Customers love some special treatment and also would be happy to receive some special attention. From businesses in the form of personal incentive. It motivates them to improve considerably for the brand. Consider if you can treat your customer in some special way to see how they react to it. Adding a personal touch to your business can do the trick. Think of monogramming the customer name on some of your products like coffee mugs, apparel, or purses to delight customers and bring them closer to the brand.

Improve customer engagement

In today’s world, as social interactions are increasing, you must open your business’s doors. To make it more shareable that increases your marketing impact. Think about something that generates instant customer engagement. Create an opportunity for improving your social reach by utilizing photo apps without spending anything. To encourage posting and also sharing, plan a selfie campaign. You can entice people to your hashtag and also offer a prize for using it or reward them. For tagging your business in their posts.

Develop a loyalty program

JOHN GIORGI thinks about holding on to your customer base by preventing erosion, which should generate repeat business.  Offering loyalty cards is a great way to attract a sizeable section of customers, mostly comprising of Gen Z who are ready. To use the cards in exchange for discounts and also deals. Design your loyalty program either by offering a basic punch card or going a step ahead to create a membership card that rewards customers based on the amount spent or the frequency of visiting your store.

Take advantage of LinkedIn

Small businesses seldom consider LinkedIn in their marketing scheme by using the social media networks. Although it is not among the most exciting platforms, you can avail yourself of various business marketing opportunities. It is easy to use the platform to connect to a group. That you can create for building a community through which you can reach out to potential customers in your area or other small business owners.

Express your appreciation for customers

It requires just a simple ‘thank you’ for creating customer loyalty and also most business owners usually overlook this aspect. When brands demonstrate their appreciation, it leaves customers obliged who are ready to reciprocate. The gestures by expressing their loyalty to the brand.

From providing Thank You cards to organizing a special event to showcase new arrival. You can express your gratitude in many ways that closely attaches customers to the brand.