Focus on health and wellness due to COVID-19 – John Giorgi

John Giorgi

The sudden virus outbreak has been like Pandora’s box for everyone, regardless of the leaders and followers. It gave everyone a tiny window to even realize what has transpired in the initial months, shares John Giorgi. But as they say, life moves on. As the fear of catching infection loomed large on everyone’s mind, health and wellness became the priorities. The last year increased people’s consciousness about hygiene, sanitation, and diet. They, for the first time, witnessed what a weak immunity meant for their body and mind.  So, here is a quick brief on this to help you get some inspiration and motivation.

John Giorgi: Wellness lessons taught by a coronavirus

Pay attention to health

The infection scare made people realize the importance of having a sound body and mind. In this endeavor, they took to daily exercising, eating nutritious and vegan food, maintaining personal hygiene to repel germs and bacteria.According to John Giorgi, the pandemic led people to take care of their immunity. They started taking vitamin supplements to ensure a better immune response. Simultaneously, there has been an increase in the number of people doing yoga, meditation, and such activities that bring mental peace.

Care for your mind

Loneliness, uncertainty, and financial losses heaped tremendous pressure on the mental health of the people. However, through the pandemic, people learned to adopt ways to control their stress and depressions. They started devoting time to music, hobbies, and social interactions while maintaining a safe distance. All these had taken the backseat when everyone was busy chasing their careers and academic goals while leading an everyday life.

Modify behavioral choices

As John Giorgi rightly points out, people made and continue to make an effort to be careful with their lifestyle choices due to the pandemic. For example, they invest in fitness gadgets and apps. They want better indoor air quality and cleanliness. At the same time, they are becoming conscious of keeping their surroundings clean by not littering the neighborhoods.

Add balance to work and life

Due to lockdowns, most of the workforce has to operate from their homes now. Although the social distancing rules are relaxing, many companies still prefer to walk the new-found path. While some people are comfortable with this, others feel that work has infringed upon their privacy. If you want to ensure health and well-being, you have to look after this balance. Take breaks, and interact with family and friends, etc. It gives you scope for relaxation.

You can lead a healthy and happy life by listening to your body and mind. If you nurture and preserve it right, your life can feel a lot easier whether there is a pandemic or no pandemic. Your robust mental and physical health will support you through the difficult times by reducing your stress, anxiety, and feelings of helplessness. So even after the virus goes away, you should not take your health and wellness for granted. Work towards it persistently. It will be helpful not just during emergencies but other times also.